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Useful Numbers

You already know the most important number; 911 - for emergencies do not hesitate to call 911

The other number you should know is 311.  In San Francisco 311 puts you through to a city call center who will answer your queries or put you through to the appropriate department.  Don't hesitate to call 311 for help or any information you are looking for.

Beyond 911 and 311 here are some useful numbers for LPOA members:

Abandoned Cars 781-5865
Ambulance 431-2800
Blocked Driveway 553-1200
Building Department 558-6001
Cleaning Parking enforcement 695-2115
Curb Painting 554-2300
Fire Department 861-8000
Golden Gate Disposal & Recycle 626-4000
Graffiti Hotline 241-WASH
Illegal Parking 553-1200
MUNI Info 673-6864
Noise Nuisance (Police) 553-1012
Pacific Bell New Service 1-800-310-2355
Pacific Gas & Electric 1-800-743-5000
Parking Meters (out of order) 550-2739
Parking Permits (residential) 554-9910
Parking on Sidewalk 553-1200
Police Department (dispatcher) 553-0123
SFPD (Park Station) 242-3000
Pothole repair 695-2100
Recycling 554-3400
Rent Board 252-4600
Street Cleaning 695-2017
Street Lighting (out of order) 554-0730
Street Repair 695-2100
Sunset Scavenger Corp 330-1300
Traffic/parking signs (damaged) 554-9780
Traffic Signals (out of order) 550-2736
Trash Removal Hotline 695-2017
Tree Planting 554-6700
Tree Pruning (City Owned) 695-2162
Tow Away (retrieve towed cars) 553-1240
Voter Registration 554-4375
Water Department 550-4911