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Welcome to the Lakeside Property Owner's Association

Lakeside is described by real estate agents as:

Tucked between San Francisco State University and Junipero Serra Boulevard. A Clean neighborhood, characterized by white picket fences, window shutters and rose gardens.

We residents know it as a beautiful, quiet, unique, small neighborhood of San Francisco that few others know about. Built by the Icelandic immigrant Stoneson brothers beginning in the late 1930's, the Lakeside development was conceived as a strip of immaculate homes served by a small commercial section, Lakeside Village. Both brothers constructed personal mansions for themselves within the development. Their vision largely survives to this day. Lakeside remains a residential neighborhood of well-maintained, original and modified homes with some beautiful gardens, white picket fences, tidy tree-lined streets with their period street lights.

The LPOA works to enhance and maintain the unique character of the Lakeside neighborhood and address issues of concern to its members the property owners and residents.

Welcome to Lakeside!

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