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Our Neighborhood:

The Lakeside District was conceived by Ellis and Henry Stoneson.  Their vision was as a "Garden community of small homes" which they developed in three phases; Lakeside I (north section); Lakeside II (middle section); Lakeside III (south section).  The development included the Lakeside Village shopping corridor.  The construction of Lakeside spanned from 1936 - 1950. 



Welton Becket, Robert Mason, Ellis Stoneson, E. C. Lipman, Henry Stoneson and an unidentified man looking at a model of Stonestown Shopping Center. [1951 Feb. 7] SFPL Historic Photo

Lakeside History

Lakeside is known for its neighborhood charm and as a beautiful, quiet, unique, small neighborhood of San Francisco. Built by the Icelandic immigrant Stoneson brothers beginning in the late 1930's, the Lakeside development was conceived as a strip of immaculate homes served by a small commercial section, Lakeside Village. Both brothers constructed personal mansions for themselves within the development. Their vision largely survives to this day. Lakeside remains a residential neighborhood of well-maintained, original and modified homes with some beautiful gardens, white picket fences, tidy tree-lined streets with their period street lights.


Junipero Serra from Wyton Lane toward Ocean Avenue. Early 1941


Looking west on Ocean Avenue toward 19th Avenue from Junipero Serra Boulevard in the Lakeside district. 1944 June 26.

The LPOA works to enhance and maintain the unique character of the Lakeside neighborhood and address issues of concern to its members the property owners and residents.

Unlike more recent real estate developments, the Stoneson brothers built homes that varied in their architectural details, including interesting variance in roof-lines, windows and walkways. The amazing feat is the homes don’t clash and there’s a great sense of place and scale in the perspective from the pedestrian’s vantage point.

In the small plot of land are these charming San Francisco homes, full individuality and seeped in simplicity. Even the street grid is varied with soft, rounded curves, thus affording a subtle quiet feeling of walkable streets, in sharp contrast to noisy, urban high-speed thoroughfares.


Junipero Serra from Wyton Lane toward 19th Avenue and Stonestown. 95 Statfold on left. White buildings in center is Stoneson's warehouse. 1941

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