The Lakeside Property Owners Association (LPOA) exists for the dual purpose of ensuring its unique neighborhood character is maintained alongside being responsive to property owners/residents issues and concerns of the community. LPOA seeks to manage our association efficiently through design guidelines and CC&Rs to preserve property values as well as support initiatives that benefit the greater good of the community.


Vision Statement:

To be a community of well-maintained homes with beautiful gardens, white picket fences and tree-lined streets as originally conceptualized by Stoneson brothers, the builders of Stonestown and the Lakeside neighborhood. 


“Lakeside is known for its neighborhood charm and as a beautiful, quiet, unique, small neighborhood of San Francisco.”



Built by the Icelandic immigrant Stoneson brothers beginning in the late 1930's, the Lakeside development was conceived as a strip of immaculate homes served by a small commercial section, Lakeside Village. Both brothers constructed personal mansions for themselves within the development. Their vision largely survives to this day. Lakeside remains a residential neighborhood of well-maintained, original and modified homes with some beautiful gardens, white picket fences, tidy tree-lined streets with their period street lights..

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